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Community description:Androgynous/boyish/masculine females and those who defy the stereotypes of sex and gender.

Welcome to [community profile] birls!

We are a community dedicated to androgynous/boyish/masculine females, those who defy the stereotypes of sex and gender, and their fans.

Tomboy, butch, boi, genderfuck, genderqueer, androgyne, FTM, transgendered, confused, anti-label, somewhere in between? You're welcome here. Admirer of the gender-binary-defiant but not one yourself? Come on in.

Whether you want to change the gender binary, get rid of gender altogether, or just express yourself is up to you. But [community profile] birls is a safe space for you to do so and meet those with similar experiences.

What You Can Post:
• Introductory posts! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
• Pictures of yourself, your friends, celebrity birls, your life.
• Related artwork (visual, audio, written, etc).
• Related questions, concerns, opinions, essays, rants, thoughts.
• Related event announcements (ie. drag shows, glbtq conventions, etc.).

--Related means to be relevant to the birls community. Subjects such as gender, sexuality, gender presentation, gender confusion, etc. would be considered "related". Not sure whether or not a topic is relevant? Go through past posts and/or ask a moderator.--

What Not To Post:
• Insults and negativity towards your fellow members.
• Completely off-topic entries. Try to judge whether or not your post would be more suitable for birls or your private journal.
• Surveys, quizzes, memes.

• When posting images, please use the cut tag when posting more than 1 picture and do not stretch the page.
• Post anything that could possibly be triggering behind a cut with a warning.

You will be warned if you break any of the guidelines. Banning will be by a case-by-case basis.

Layout & Mini Icon Credits here @ [ profile] noveltybox

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